Snow vehicles for Antarctic Observation



Snow vehicles for Antarctic ObservationOhara’s snow vehicles have been operating in extremely cold environment, as low as minus 95C, to support Japan’s Antarctic Observation team for more than 40 years. The snow vehicle, which is the only means of ground transportation during the wintering period in Antarctica, is built up through our long experience with each bolt exclusively made for cold resistance and reliability.



AntarcticaShowa Station, a Japanese research station, is located on an island 4000 meters away from Antarctica Mainland.
Dome Fuji Station is an observation base in inland Antarctica located 1000 kilometers away from Showa Station with an altitude of 3810 meters which is higher than Mt. Fuji.

Snow vehicles used in inland Antarctica

SM100S SM100S Blade

Specially designed camper for research at Dome Fuji Station, SM100S supports lives of the Japanese Antarctic team in severe cold weather.

Fitted with a blade, SM100S is used to remove snow around vehicles and sleds after blizzard, and to groom runways.

SM100S Crane  

SM100S Crane, which was originally developed for cutting work at Dome Fuji Station, is used for loading goods on sleds and for many other purposes.



Snow vehicles used near Showa Station

SM40S SM30S Float

Most widely used for research activities at Showa Station and coastal area. More passengers and goods can be loaded

Designed for use at Showa Station and coastal area. With its floating feature, passengers can evacuate from the cabin when the vehicle breaks through the ice


Developed for the purpose of transporting large containers stuffed with wintering goods from the Antarctic expedition ship Shirase to Showa Station. Also used for transporting goods to the entrance to Antarctic Mainland.