Recycling Plant

Recycle plant

Features Recycling Plant

For municipal recycling plant, commercial waste disposal plant, containers and packaging recycling plant, garbage gasification plant and etc., we offer the best appropriate plan from introduction, construction and commissioning to support your needs.


Since we developed sewage treatment equipment by chemical treatment methods in 1959, we have made achievement as a manufacturer of various water treatment equipments. Then, since 1975 when the development of sewage system became an urgent need, we have provided comprehensive services from design to installation for sewage treatment facilities such as settling basin for sewage, water treatment plant, sludge treatment plant, automatic dust chamber for pumps, discharge equipment and reservoir (hopper and gate).
In recent years, we have expanded our business to resource recycling and have operated as a multi-discipline engineering contractor of recycling plant while we design and sell bale breakers, bag breakers/collectors, shredders and crushers. As a comprehensive manufacturer of environmental engineering, we will continue to offer products and services to meet the needs of the age.

Example of construction

Bulk waste processing (combustible/noncombustible) Mixed waste processing
Mixed waste processing Mixed waste processing
Containers and packaging recycling plant Garbage gasification plant