Gas power generator

Utilization of digestion gas


We have a lineup of compact, high-efficiency gas power generator generators developed based on the engine technology of our snow vehicles.
This unit uses digestion gas generated from municipal sewage treatment plants to generate electric power.It can also be adapted to biogas generated from food factories, household garbage and animal waste, targeting to obtain clean energy.
In recent years Japan has set CO2 reduction target of 25%. Prevention of global warming is a topic we should achieve in a global scale.We consider that this digestion gas power generator can play a part in the issue.
The unit was commercialized in collaboration with Public Works Research Institute.



  1. High-efficiency, power generation efficiency of 35%
  2. Compact, low price
    A gas engine is made by modifying the engine parts of the commercially available packaged diesel-engine generator.
    The existing system can be used (generator unit). Maintenance is possible by maintenance service other than the manufacturer (generator repair shop, etc.)
    → It can reduce the initial cost and maintenance cost.
  3. Low maintenance cost Maintenance is possible by using commercially available engine parts.
  4. High-efficiency power operation is possible by controlling multiple units. It will also be cost effective.
  5. A variety of system configurations are possible by using a grid connection panel or exhaust heat recovery system that are optionally available.

Cases of introduction