New Snow Vehicle for Antarctic Research Expeditions【OHARA-LAV】




Good Design Gold Award

【 Received Good Design Gold Award and Good Design Best 100 Award in 2021 】

The OHARA-LAV is a self-propelled research station that can withstand the extreme weather conditions of the Antarctic and has a futuristic exterior, including a green body for visibility as the polar region where the LAV is built to explore has no green terrain. The LAV provides a safe and comfortable environment where polar researchers can conduct observations and studies for extended periods in Antarctica.

Vehicle Introduction Video

Customizable interior

For bedroom
For office
For dining/kitchen

Total width Vehicle Body 7,490mm
Interior length 6,500mm
Total width Vehicle Body 3,920mm
Interior width 3,200mm
Total height Vehicle Body 3,675mm
Interior height (driver area) 1,630mm
Interior height (living area) 2,050mm
Operating temperature -50℃~0℃
Altitude max. 4,000 m
Weight 14,500kg
Travel speed 0~25km/h
Maximum towing capacity 147kN
Minimum turning radius 0m (spin turn)
Power unit Straight-six diesel engine
Power output 368kW
  • ●Contents of this data are as at March 2022.
  • ●Due to product improvement, specification may change without notice.