Sales staff are important contacts with customers. With a great deal of expertise, they understand the customers’ needs and have them reflected in product design, by proposing many elements at high level to realize them. Sales staff members are technical coordinators of Ohara.

・Marketing・preparing quotations・presentation・procurement・construction management・product demonstration

High-level techniques and skills are required for production staff who produce products from drawings.
Ohara’s production staff are global manufacturer with accuracy, toughness, reliability, professional techniques and mechanical reliability.

・Machining・plate working welding・assembly installation・maintenance service・FRP molding・paining

Production Control
An organized support is necessary for the manufacturing section to function in a well-planned and systematic manner.
As production controllers of Ohara, their duties range from production planning and distribution, material and procurement management, to technical management in each plant.

・Production planning・outsourcing suppliers・production technology・parts service・cost management

Technical Expert
Technical staff pursue innovation and keen sensibility.
With their development capabilities, which involve many different techniques to embody user needs into functional and highly reliable products, they would be called mechanical creators of Ohara.

・Development and design・system design・product design・experimental evaluation

Quality Assurance
We offer reliability backed by years of experience and strict quality control.
As quality managers of Ohara, they promote quality assurance to provide our customers with only those products which pass a number of quality control filters.

・Quality control・customer inspection・in-house testing・site inspection・claim management

General affairs, accounting and human resources… They solidify the company and take full advantage of management resources.
Through strengthening and optimization of the organization and personnel, their role as motivation conductors who contribute to the development of the group aiming customer satisfaction is important.

・Human resource management・Accounting and finance・health and safety・general affairs・public relations・information management