President Greeting

Starting with the success of machine drilling of oil in Amaze, Izumozaki in 1880, oil drilling had become active in Higashiyama oil field in Urase, Nagaoka, and oilfield development in the area peaked in 1907. At the time the number of oil wells in Higashiyama were estimated to be 800, and Nagaoka became the center of the development, production and shipment of oil.

In 1907, our company was founded as a manufacturer of parts for oil-drilling machine. And in 1922, we started production of the power pump which is the heart of the oil-drilling machine. Since then, our company became a manufacturer of oil-drilling equipment in general, and we have been in the oil-drilling business until now.

In 1945 we started developing sluice equipment for agricultural engineering and power plants, and in 1950 we also started developing the mine slime pump, applying the technology of oil-drilling pump.

In addition, we launched snow vehicle business, and after many trials and errors we completed the first prototype of the snow vehicle in 1951. We succeeded in mass production and won awards such as Niigata Technology Award and National Invention Award for developing the snow vehicle. As a sole manufacturer of snow vehicles in Japan, we have improved our technology and developed a wide variety of models.

Moreover, in 1959 we started the development of chemical processing equipment for processing human waste, taking the first step in the environmental business. We have expanded our business field to sewage treatment facility, recycling equipment/plant and biogas generating system.

In 1969 we succeeded in developing a prototype of a snow groomer. In conjunction with the general-purpose snow vehicle, we have grown the snow vehicle business as one of our main business. In 1993, we developed a new prototype of a snow groomer as a concept machine intended for the future, and it led to the Good Design Award of S & M Enterprises.

In 2007 Ohara celebrated its 100th year in business. During past over a hundred years, socioeconomic context has changed, many developments have been made to deal with the changes, and our core business and mainline products have been changed a couple of times. What has not changed are the support from our customers and community, and challenging power of our employees. We would like to thank you all deeply for your support.

Our business creed is “Ri ha Gi no Wa nari” (Benefits are acquired by good deeds) which is given by Masahiro Yasuoka. In spite of the rapid progress of globalization, our company lives up to “Shingi.” And we aim to become a company that contributes to the society through our work for people’s lives and environmental protection. Furthermore, we aim to become a local niche player that works on global scale.

We look forward to your patronage.