Gelande snow groomer

Features DF430

The job width of six meters which realizes a high efficiency with a stable power of over 400 horsepower is the big advantage solely available on the DEER FORTE 430.
In addition, an optimal balance of the vehicle was achieved by a substantial revision of major components and a lower center of gravity.
It certainly meets Tier 3 environmental standard.
DEER FORTE 430 with a higher level of hill climbing and snow-pushing capacity produces highly desirable ski resorts.

1 Further PowerUp

We have achieved an optimal weight balance by reviewing major components and lowering the center of gravity. Also we attained a lighter body and a low ground pressure. You will be satisfied with its powerful climbing ability an pushing capacity.

2 Improved Habitability

A more comfortable work environment has been realized by expanding cabin capacity, improving visibility, reducing vibration, improving air conditioning, and optimizing arrangement of the switches.
The center driver’s seat has a great advantage in visibility and it makes the job easier on narrow courses such as under lift lines. It reduces physical and mental burden on the operator even for long hour jobs.

3 Improvement of Durability (reduction of running cost)

To improve the vehicle durability, we have aimed at optimizing the total balance and reducing weight considering equalization of stress distribution and using high-grade materials including high-tension steel and special alloy steel for structure parts such as frames and chassis, and for underbody parts like suspensions.
For spare parts supply and trouble-shooting, we have a thorough support system to respond quickly.

4 Functions

The digital control system enables more delicate driving controls.
The operator can operate the blade and the rotor with a single control lever.

Measurement (mm) Length Vehicle Body 5670
With Front and Back Operating Equipment 10090
Width Vehicle Body 5000
With Snow Removal Blade 6000
With Flex Rotor 6230
Height Cabin Upper Parts 2720
Search Light Upper Part 2910
During Cabin Tilt 3280
Carrier Length 1580
Width 1550
Height 1150
Minimum Ground Clearance 385
Tread 2750
Track Width 2000
Weight(kg) Vehicle body mass 9300
Working equipments (blade, tiller) 2100
Gross vehicle mass (oil, fuel included) 11400
Ground Contact Pressure Mpa(kg/cm²) 0.0053(0.054)
Engine Name CAT C13
Model 4Cycle、Water-Cooled、Direct Injection Diesel Engine(Exhaust Turbo-supercharger with Air Cooler)
Engine capacity(L) 13.0
Maximum Output kW(pS)/rpm 310(421)/1800~2100
Maximum Torque Nm(kgf・m)/rpm 1896(194)/1400
Starter(V-Kw) 24-7.5
Alternator(V-A) 24-95
Fuel Tank Capacity(L) 290
Battery(V-Ah) 12-140 Phase×2
Power Transmission System Drive System Hydrostatic Transmission
Steering Handle Electronic Control 2-Lever Type、Electronic Control Circular Type
Brake Main Brake Hydrostatic Brake
Parking Brake Multi-plate Hydraulic Disk Brake
Performance Running Speed(km/h) 0~18(Single Step)
Maximum Work Capacity(m²/h) 112140
Hill Climbing Capacity 120%、50°(Depends on road surface adhesion)
Minimum Turning Radius(m) 0(Pivot Turn)
  • Contents of this data are as at March 2012。
  • Due to product improvement, specification may change without notice.