Bale Breaker

Bag breakers/Bale breakers

Features Bale Breaker

Two-step crushing by doffing rollers and declumper break entangled bales completely.
The wide and long conveyor can hold up to four bales of one cubic meter. It reduces the amount of work, and work time is used effectively.



  1. Adoption of doffing rollers.
  2. The two-step system achieves a breaking efficiency of nearly 100 percent.
  3. A constant feeding to the post-process is possible.
  4. Throughput is adjustable by changing the conveyor speed.
  5. Low installation height with low feeding position.
  6. Highly convenient due to various input methods.

Items to be processed

Plastic bottles, tray, papers, other


【Input method】

【Operating principle of doffing rollers】

【Operating principle of declumper】