Single Shaft Shredder


Features Single Shaft Shredder

Effective for processing recyclable waste.
Particle size can be adjusted by switching screen to shred into wanted size.


  1. The unique layout of fixed cutters enables low-noise and low-energy operation with high-torque.
  2. Particle size can be changed by switching screen.
  3. It can be operated automatically and efficiently according to the load of the processed materials.
  4. When foreign articles enter the unit, it is protected by an overload protector.
  5. Simple structure and easy maintenance.

【4-way cutters/Multiple fixed cutters】

4ウェイ破砕刃・複数固定刃With as few crushing cutters as possible and fixed cutters in three places, high-efficient and uniform crushing is possible with low power. Also, as the crushing cutters are removal and each cutter has 8 cutting edges (4 edges x 2 sides), the machine life is long.

【Hydraulic extruder/Safety mechanism】

油圧押し装置・安全機構A unique mechanism for load detection enables stable feeding with optimal pressure and effective catch in the cutter drum. In addition, when jamming is detected, an automatic cleanout function will be activated preventing overload.

【Replaceable screen】

交換式スクリーンParticle size can be changed (φ 10 to φ 100) by switching screen. Easy maintenance.

Items to be processed

Rigid/nonrigid plastics, plastic bottles, waste wood, paper, cardboard.


Plastic bottles OA equipment Plastics
ペットボトル OA機器 プラスチック
Cardboard Waste wood
段ボール類 廃木材