Four-Shaft Shredder



Four-Shaft ShredderWe sell SSI (Shredding Systems, Inc. in the U.S.) products that outperform competitors in its quality and durability.
The unit and components are manufactured by SSI according to Japanese standards. We provide necessary documentations and witnessed test, and manage spare parts, maintenance and after-sale services.
This powerful and delicate unit can achieve wanted particle size with its combined functions of Two-Shaft Shredder and Single-Shaft Shredder.


The SSI’s unique technologies

  1. Low-speed technology: Low noise and dust, low heat production, lower operation/maintenance cost
  2. Low horse power and high torque
  3. The shredding chamber and screen have self-cleaning function.
  4. Various hard-to-process materials can be shredded.
  5. Designed to shred mixed materials easily
  6. Uniquely designed removal screen (configurable from 19 mm to 203 mm)
  7. Metals are also shredded easily so that preprocess for sorting is not necessary.
  8. Fast (high-volume) process is possible.
  9. Low-speed technology to assure high efficiency
  10. Simple structure and smaller installation area
  11. Proved durable design

Items to be processed

General solid waste (high-bulk waste), plastics, pulp, paper, construction waste, industry waste, tires, electronic waste, metals, iron drum, hazardous waste, cardboard.



【Advanced Cutter Locking System (ACLS, patented)】

The cutters and spacers are locked by 45-ton force and the cutter performance is dramatically improved.

【Ram Hopper】

This helps the cutters grab the material and increases shredding efficiency.

【Smart Drive】

This allows electrical shredders to simulate the performance of hydraulic machines with smaller installation space than hydraulic shredders.