Debris Roll Screen

Sorting syste


Debris Roll ScreenThe polygonal discs are in-line and the materials are uniformly conveyed bouncing over the screen without the machine vibrating.
The double-disc structure and the unique disc alignment prevent clogging and entanglement, and it is possible to process large volumes. Effective for pieces hard to be processed by a vibrating screen or trommel sieve.


  1. Mass processing with a compact body
  2. No clogging or entanglement
  3. Accurate sorting
  4. Fixed output to the following process
  5. Low noise and low vibration


By changing the number of discs and number of shafts, it offers greater flexibility to process various materials of various volumes.
The motor with an inverter can be variably controlled. With an optional jack, the tilt angle can also be adjusted allowing to process wider range of materials.

【Double-disc mechanism】

The double-disc mechanism prevents articles from passing through enabling accurate and efficient sorting. The curved polygonal discs maintain constant gap width regardless of the phase.

Items to be processed

Construction waste, shredder dust, turned soil, burned ash, recyclable waste, kitchen garbage, other

Example of construction

  • Mixed waste sorting facility
  • Plastic bottle sorting facility
  • RPF production plant
  • Landfilled solid waste reprocessing plant
  • Incinerated ash recycling plant
  • Cardboard sorting facility
  • Bulky waste disposal facility
  • Biogas pretreatment facility