Triple-Sorting Roll Screen

Sorting syste

Features Triple-Sorting Roll Screen

New way of sorting
The tilted roll screen allows sorting the input materials into large, small and heavy pieces, and it reduces the burden of sorting in the following process.


  1. Mass processing with a compact body
  2. No clogging or entanglement
  3. Accurate sorting
  4. Fixed output to the following process
  5. Low noise and low vibration


By adjusting the installation angle and rotation speed of the discs, the input materials can be sorted into “oversized pieces,” “undersized pieces” and “heavy pieces.”


①Oversized pieces

Large pieces don’t fall through the screen and conveyed as oversized pieces.

Oversized pieces

②Undersized pieces

The fines fall through the screen surface and are collected as undersized pieces.

Undersized pieces

③Heavy pieces

Heavy pieces neither fall through the screen nor climb the tilted screen and are collected from the rear hatch.

Heavy pieces

Items to be processed

Plastic bale, kitchen garbage, chipped wood, other