Trailer Type Roll Screen

Sorting syste

Features Trailer Type Roll Screen

This unit sorts dirt, soil, concrete waste and wood waste from construction sites, landfill sites, logging sites, mines and etc. on the spot to reuse them.


Low cost, high throughput
As a pretreatment system, this unit removes sand and gravel from the materials before they are fed to a crusher. By doing so, it reduces the causes of wear of the crusher. In addition, the unit can be transported on public road. Also, if equipped with a power generator, it can be operational within a few minutes after arrival on the scene.


Oversized pieces

オーバー物The oversized pieces are conveyed on the roll screen and discharged from the end of the conveyor. By adding a magnetic pulley, metals can be separated from the incoming materials.

Undersized pieces

アンダー物The small pieces that pass through the screen are discharged by the conveyor. This conveyor can be installed to the either side for any connection.

Items to be processed

Construction waste, shredder dust, turned soil, burned ash, recyclable waste, kitchen garbage, other