We offer a wide variety of reducers such as SSI shredders with superior performance and durability.
We meet the needs of each customer with high-efficiency equipments.

PRI-MAX Primary ReducersPRI-MAX Primary Reducers
A universal crusher made by SSI with powerful function processes almost large volumes of almost everything. More Detail
Screw Auger Coarse ReducerScrew Auger Coarse Reducer
High-capacity reducer with low speed, low noise, low vibration and low dust level. Suitable for primary process of wood. More Detail
Tow-Shaft ShredderTow-Shaft Shredder
High-performance, durable shredder made by SSI in the US. More Detail
Four-Shaft ShredderFour-Shaft Shredder
SSI shredder made powerful and sensitive.  More Detail
Single Shaft ShredderSingle Shaft Shredder
High-torque with low vibration and low power. The particle size can be adjusted by screen. Suitable for recyclable waste. More Detail
Cross-feed One-Shaft CrusherCross-feed One-Shaft Crusher
Compact and powerful crusher suitable for lengthy objects. More Detail
Compact One-Shaft ShredderCompact One-Shaft Shredder
Propeller type shredding rotor suitable for capacity 5 ton/day. More Detail
Glass CrusherGlass Crusher
High-capacity crusher with simple and compact structure. This compact and lightweight unit is good for mobility. More Detail

Bag breakers/Bale breakers

Simple structure and low maintenance. Patent applied. Original mechanism with reliable performance. Effective for bag breaking/bale breaking of recyclable waste.

Two-Shaft Bag BreakerTwo-Shaft Bag Breaker
Bag breaker made through technical cooperation with BHS (USA). Superior performance in sorting recyclable waste. More Detail
Slide-Drop Bag Breaker/CollectorSlide-Drop Bag Breaker/Collector
Bag breaker with bag collecting function to reduce work burden of the following process. Effective for processing recyclable waste. More Detail
Screw Auger Type Bale BreakerScrew Auger Type Bale Breaker
High-capacity bale breaker with a large feed opening for various shapes and input methods. More Detail
Bale BreakerBale Breaker
Doffing rollers and declumper break bales thoroughly. More Detail

Sorting systems

A wide variety of roll screens for mass processing and accurate sorting enables maximum performance in any occasion.

Debris Roll ScreenDebris Roll Screen
Double disc structure and unique arrangement make it free from clogging and entanglement. Effective for pieces hard to be processed by a vibrating screen or trommel sieve. More Detail
Trailer Type Roll ScreenTrailer Type Roll Screen
Sorts dirt, sand, concrete waste and wood waste at the site for recycling. More Detail
Self-Propelled Roll ScreenSelf-Propelled Roll Screen
Removing foreign articles such as soil and metals, this unit is ideal for preventing wear of the cutters and grinder of the mobile crusher. More Detail
Triple-Sorting Roll ScreenTriple-Sorting Roll Screen
Steeply inclined roll screen sorts over-sized pieces, under-sized piece and heavy pieces. Reduces sorting time in the following process. More Detail

Recycling plant

Recycling PlantRecycling Plant
We offer a wide variety of recycling plant from introduction, design, manufacturing, construction and commissioning according to customer's needs. More Detail